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There is a reason why
"love at first sight"
is a
powerful idiom.
First impressions matter.

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Hello Darling,

My name is Yara and it is lovely to make your acquaintance. Most would describe me as sweet and petite, an alluring presence gifted with all-natural beauty, multifaceted intelligence and the ability to adapt to any situation, no matter the level of class (or lack thereof, wink-wink.) 

While I do like to have fun and let loose on occasion, I tend to hold myself and those around me at a higher standard and allow myself to only be surrounded by those who adhere. Hence, you should consider yourself lucky (as will I) if you are granted the opportunity to meet me.


  • Home Base: Midtown Manhattan

  • Age: Late 20s, perceived 18-23

  • Eyes: Dark brown

  • Hair: In the process of going blonde

  • Body type: Slender Hourglass (not surgically enhanced)

  • Measurements: 32C - 26 - 32

  • Size ranges: 0-2

  • Shoes: 7

  • Height: 5 ft. 3 in.

  • Weight: 102 lbs.

  • Tattoos: a few unique artful ones, easily covered by clothing

  • Piercings: Ears (double pierced)

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Interests & Trivia

  • My drink of choice is a sugar-free Mojito made with Don Julio 1942*.

  • I commonly eat a plant-based ketodiet. Some of my favorite restaurants in NYC include ABCV, Avant GardenDirt Candy, Le Bernadin, and P.S. Kitchen. Though I've been known to dally with Caviar at the MO Lounge and would love to try authentic Wagyu in a restaurant in Tokyo someday, I don't tend to veer from my diet.

  • I speak multiple languages, have two passports (US &EU), and I love to adventure and explore new countries. Some of my bucket list destinations include Dubai, Sydney, the Maldives, or maybe space someday.

*Yes, I am aware that one would classically drink any type of high quality liquor neat and clean, but I enjoy my drinks the dirty way.

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