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Everyone has a unique perspective on on life, and you might find yourself uncertain of how exactly to approach me, conduct yourself around me and what it will be like to spend time together. Not to worry; I've written down and answered all of the issues you may have pondered.

  • Where can I meet you?
    I am based in NYC and come to LA bimonthly but I tend to travel often. Keep up with my Calendar to find out whether I’ll be visiting your city next or contact me directly to arrange for a FMTY.
  • How should I initiate contact with you?
    You should do so by completing the contact form on this site or emailing all the details required from the form to
  • What is your screening process?
    For verification, I’ll need at least two of the four following as well as your phone number: 1. Photo of your unexpired Driver’s License or non-driver ID (to be emailed to 2. A direct link to your LinkedIn profile with your profile photo, first and last names, 100+ connections (to be emailed to 3. Your profile on a company website or verifiable source sent to my unpublished male name Gmail from your business/company email 4. Positive references from two (2) verifiable providers you have seen within the last year are accepted under the agreement that a 50% deposit of the benefaction will be granted to me at the time of the booking (of which 25% will be non-refundable, due to the extra screening I will have to complete.) At least two (2) of these should be provided via email at the time of booking in addition to your real phone number (No Burners, Google Voice, Texting Apps, etc). I understand that my screening process may appear a little intimidating, but I promise that I am solely asking for this information in the interest of my own safety and I will provide the highest discretion when reviewing your sensitive details. I will not sell, share or distribute any of your details in any capacity and am willing to sign an NDA if preferable. Apologies, I do not I provide references.
  • What is your deposit policy?
    Screening and a 25% deposit is required at the time of booking for NYC-based and touring engagements. When in my own city and offering incall, a $300 (or more) 4/4.5* hotel charge is due in addition to the deposit; when offering outcall, the transportation to and from your location must be either arranged by you or the estimated travel costs (including, taxes, fees and tips) must be added to the deposit at the time of booking. I will only meet in 4*+ luxury hotels or 5* 24/7 concierge buildings. When touring and offering incall, there is no hotel charge added to the consideration. For outcall, the same rules pertaining outcall in my own city also apply. In addition to screening and a 50% deposit, FMTY requires business/first class travel arrangements and luxury accommodations as well as miscellaneous additional expenses at the time of booking.
  • How do I submit the deposit?
    Once your screening verification has been completed, I will send an email with instructions and information on how to submit the deposit via Cash App or BTC/ETH/USDC.
  • How should I submit the rest of your benefaction?
    Cash is strongly preferred and should be placed in plain view in an unsealed envelope upon our meeting (within the first 5 minutes). If we are meeting publicly then a decorated gift bag or card would be appropriate. If cash is not possible, then crypto may also be accepted but will incur a 10% processing fee due to fluctuations in the market. Please note I will never accept my benefaction from you directly and that I will not discuss my benefaction with you. Negotiation attempts are extremely disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Please add $1000 USD for: - In-Date Extensions (per hour when available) Please add $500 USD for: - Couples (per hour) -Late Night Dates (starting at 10 PM or later) -Same Day Bookings (only accepted at least 2 hours before desired start time when available)  When booking a date with two (2) providers who are not acquainted with one another, it is established that the benefaction provided to each respectively should be in an amount equal to the provider with the highest required figure (in USD or Crypto).
  • How will you prepare for our date?
    I promise to always arrive well groomed, clean and appropriately dressed. If we are meeting in NYC or while I am visiting another city on tour I will meet you freshly showered, with light makeup and lightly perfumed (I will forgo the last two if you let me know that's what you prefer). If we are meeting for a FMTY I will need to take some time to freshen up before we get together so that I can achieve the same standard. I do not take specific outfit requests, but attire suggestions, color coordinations and/or information on dress policies are always appreciated.
  • How should I prepare for our date?
    It is important to me that if I am spending time with someone, it is a person who is hygienic, well prepared and presentable. Practically anyone can look as sexy in sweatpants as they do in formal wear, but I think one should consider the context of the situation to decide what is appropriate. I feel it should go without saying that if you are a person who ill-mannered, who does not respect others, who believes that their needs are above everyone else's, etc. etc. we are simply not compatible and it will become quite clear to me early on, so save yourself the trouble and do not contact me.
  • What are your requirements to arrange for a Fly Me To You (FMTY)?
    In addition to screening and a 50% deposit, FMTY requires business/first class travel arrangements and luxury accommodations at the time of booking. Additional miscellaneous expenses during the trip (ride-share services, meals etc.) must also be accounted for and should either be arranged by you or reimbursed by the end of our time together. Please contact me via email to inquire about extended (longer than 48 hrs) FMTY details.  Travel/Commuting Time for FMTY dates is complimentary for any travel shorter than or equal to 3 hours. For any commute longer than 3 hours, a per diem applies and will be determined at the time of booking.
  • What if I have to cancel or reschedule?
    I understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and I will reimburse your deposit if you must cancel with sufficient notice given. However, NYC-based cancellations within 7 days incur forfeiture of the deposit. FMTY/Touring cancellations will result in a forfeiture of the deposit if within 14 days or 100% of the benefaction due if within 7 days. Rebooking (in NYC) may occur only once and must be requested at least 3 days before the original event's start date and rescheduled within 14 days of the original date. Rebooking may result in a courtesy fee ($500 or less) added to the principal if there is limited availability on my calendar so it is best to contact me as soon as you are aware that you will have to reschedule. In the rare event that I need to reschedule/cancel, the deposit will be promptly refunded or applied to a future date we mutually agree to.
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